Monday, January 11, 2016

Ann's Crispy Yummy Very Best Oatmeal Cookies

 nuts, oatmeal, raisins, dairy and apple cinnamon tea it's whats for dinner.........

the very best oatmeal cookies crisp golden brown I used King Arthur's Gluten Free flour blend and followed Annes recipe right up adding raisins, I had to have raisins

cream butter with sugar

until mixed

add eggs and vanilla

 mix until well blended

add flour, baking soda and salt, 
I lightly mix the baking soda and salt into the flour
no need to dirty another bowl

add oatmeal, nuts, and chocolate chips

and if your crazy like me add raisins

mix well

drop by well rounded tablespoon onto cookie sheet
bake 350 degrees 12-14 minutes

chilled dough (on right) will not spread as much as room temperature dough (on left) this comes down to how thin you like your cookies 
you can throw the whole bowl in the fridge for a couple hours 
or keep putting a tray of uncooked cookies in the freezer while one tray bakes

add a scoop of maple walnut icecream and your in heaven

Ann’s Oatmeal Cookies
Oven 350 12-14 minutes

1 cup butter, soft
1 cup br sugar
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
2 cups flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups rolled oats
1 cup nuts
1 cup choc chips

I like 1 cup of raisins added
King Arthurs Gluten Free flour  doesn't have xanthan gum so I added 1 tsp to the flour