With Family and Friends

Some Recipes are more fun made with Family & Friends,

some recipes the chef doesn't want his secrets to get out
then there is the Cherished Family recipes friends have taught me to make  
                                                                                                         some things are just better shared

Mom's Lasagna

The best Lasagna with a hearty meat sauce and no ricotta cheese
that's right Mom uses mozzerrella and sharp cheddar in her Lasagna
yes, she is Italian

Lia's Clam Sauce    


Al took his Kifles very seriously.
Kifles for Al

Me and my kids spent countless hours making Kifles for Al, his all time favorite treat we would quadruple the recipe the trip to Florida, 1 batch for Al, freeze 1 batch for 1/2 thru the trip, l batch for my Mom & Grandparents to share, 1 batch for immediate consumption.

 Ryan's Fajita's Chicken or Steak

The best part of Ryan's Fajita's is he does all the cooking
An easy recipe made more fun with family helping with all the
chopping, mashing and grilling being done.

Italian Meatballs
my Nonna would be proud of a very traditional meatball
These are always popular at family gatherings, often I make 5lbs of meatballs, now that's a lot of meatball!

Mai Tai

One of the Best way to make Mai Tai's is by the Pitcher
An even better Mai Tai is with Family & Friends

Great Grandma Barrus's Steamed Pudding Cake
Tradition was Great Grandma made Steamed Chocolate Pudding  for Thanksgiving at 100 yrs old Grandma made her last Steamed Chocolate Pudding.  The next year the first Thanksgiving without Grandma 20 Steamed Puddings were on the dessert table in her honor.

Sunset Martini -

Seafood Casserole

Pork Pie

Nanna's Brownies
Nonna's Never Fail Cake

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