Monday, December 28, 2015

100 year Old Steamed Chocolate Pudding

Great Grandma Barrus made Steamed  Chocolate pudding for at 80years, we don't know when she started making it all we know is it was always on the Thanksgiving Dessert Table.  At 100years old Great Grandma made her Steamed Chocolate Pudding for the last time.  The following Thanksgiving 20 Steamed Chocolate Puddings were on the dessert table in her honor.

Great Grandma, Grandma Edie, Grandma Gini, Me, Lia

Yummy Steamed Pudding Cake

I wonder if we could do this in the crockpot

Grandpa Bob at 90
we'll be making his grilled swordfish soon
that recipe is not 100 years old

Mom never made the recipe
only Grandma made it
we are trying to figure it out

Pudding Steaming - Corn Chowder heating
it's important to have the right size steam pudding pan
mine was to large

it tasted great !!