Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mashed Potaoes

Mashed Potatoes don't usually require a recipe but if you've never made them how do you know how to make them. 
medium potato

And if I'm making Shepard's Pie tomorrow with mashed potatoes I thought you might like to know how I make mine which brings me to always make extra mashed potatoes!!!

Leftover mashed potatoes make weeknight meals easier,  quicker, less clean up.  I always add an extra 4 potatoes for leftovers, now I can make a Shepard’s Pie, Potato Fritters, Leftover Loaded Mashed Potatoes, chicken pot pie and so much  more ideas

Mashed Potatoes
5 servings
6 med size potatoes, cubed, peeling is optional
½ stick of butter
4 oz of cream cheese or sour cream
½ tsp onion powder
¼ - 1/2 cup milk depending on how dry the potatoes are
Salt and pepper to taste

Put potatoes in large saucepan cover with water.  Add about 1 tablespoon of salt to water this really helps keep your potatoes from tasting bland. Boil 10 -25 minutes time will based on size and type of potato.  Jab with a fork when they are tender and feel like you could mash them.  Drain water, keeping the potatoes in the saucepan add butter, cream cheese, onion powder and ¼ cup milk.  Mash away until they are as lumpy as you like, if not creamy enough add more milk.

Really small ½ inch cubes will cook faster but if you’ve got time just quarter them, quartered they take about 25 minutes. 

Different types of potatoes mash differently I prefer red potatoes and peeling just isn’t my thing so calling them smashed potatoes makes them sound very special ;0) without extra work.
favorite potato masher
My favorite potato masher is the metal wavy style it’s easy to mash the other style the potatoes get all stuck in the holes and is a pain to clean.  The metal masher is also good to break up ground beef, sausage that your scrambling or whole tomatoes.

5 servings plus enough for Potato Fritters or Shepard's Pie
to much work
10 med size potatoes, cubed, peeling is optional
7 tbl butter
7  oz of cream cheese or sour cream
3/4 tsp onion powder
1/2 - 3/4 cup milk depending on how dry the potatoes are
Salt and pepper to taste



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