Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Oriole Season time to get your oranges sliced............

May is when the Orioles
migrate thru New England
get your feeders ready

 GrampaBob & Gram always had colorful birds in their yard
Red Cardinals, Orange Orioles, Yellow Finches, Blue Jays
love, love,love to watch and feed the birds at their home

Gram would have me put sliced oranges on nails sticking out of the pine trees
GrandpaBob would tell me about the birds,
I loved all the bright colors......not much has changed......sigh
It takes time to attract the Orioles you need to start in the beginning of May
have patience it can take 2 weeks to attract Orioles
halve them, quarter them, slice them
as long as they are fresh the Orioles will enjoy them
I have put nails in a tree, lined my deck rails,  filled an onion mesh bag
today I'm taking a metal coat hanger
 put the slices on it and hang it from a tree branch
this should keep the squirrels from taking the oranges!
the cardinals are enjoying the oranges
I'll let ya know when the first Orioles arrive 
Audubon has great information about the Orioles
Birds in Bloom has great information about attracting Orioles