Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mashed Potatoes slooowwcooker Oh yea!!!

Never going back
no boil overs
put ingredients in 
no babysitting
 walk away enjoy life
chop them large if you have 4 hours to cook them
If I had pretty red potatoes I wouldn't have peeled
I had ugly a bit aged potatoes peeling was a must
in a hurry jump start by putting your ingredient filled slowcooker in the microwave 10 minutes
 chopped mine real small with the jumpstart the potatoes were cooked in one hour
Pork Chops and Apples in the oven
potatoes in the slowcooker
I'm enjoying a martini with friends while dinner cooks

add more milk, butter  if potatoes are dry
no 2 potatoes are alike

totally in love

remember depending on the type of potato  cooking times will vary, allow extra time you can always keep them on warm while the rest of the meal cooks

Great with my Pork Chops and Apples

Slowcooker Mashed Potatoes
5 servings

6 med size potatoes, cubed, peeling is optional 
1 cup water
 ½ stick of butter
4 oz of cream cheese
½ tsp onion powder

1 clove garlic, crushed
 ¼ - 1/2 cup milk depending on how dry the potatoes are

 Salt and pepper to taste

Butter a 4-quart slowcooker, toss the potatoes, water garlic in then cover and cook on high until the potatoes are tender, about 4 hours. The potatoes might have browned lightly in spots but that is okay.
No need to drain another bonus, add the cream cheese, 1/4 cup  milk , onion powder, to the potatoes. Use a potato masher to mash the potatoes until they are mostly smooth. If the potatoes need to be thinned out, stir in the remaining 1/2 cup warm milk. Season to taste with additional salt and pepper. Garnish with chives.

add crumbled cooked bacon, 1/2 cup shredded cheese,
2 tbs scallions or chives for a bake stuffed version

sour cream can be used in place of cream cheese